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Sports medal frames

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Mat board for custom sport medal frames

Mat board

8 colors available. Mat opening has beveled edge and white core. Some models offered with double mat.

Medaillons for sport medal frames


Offered in gold, silver and bronze on certain models only.

sport medal black frame


Our frames are custom made by a Quebec company that has believed in our project since the beginning.



Since all runs are unique, our frames are as well. They are conceived, designed and mounted to offer you a product that is simple,
practical and elegant. Whether you wish to showcase a medal, a sports bib and/or a picture, our various frames will allow you to do just that to suit your personal taste. We personalize each frame by adding a metal plate on which is engraved any information you provide.

The objective is to let athletes showcase their greatest achievements. You worked hard to reach your goal. Display the fruits of your labour and let your pride live on!

Custom sport medal frames compagny

Let’s get introduced

Since the summer of 2016, close to a hundred amateur and high-level athletes such as Alain Bordeleau, who participated in the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984 and marathon runner Pierre Slusarek, have relied on Mur du coureur for their personalized frames. In the fall of 2017, one of my frames was even shipped
to France!

Mur du coureur stands out for the quality of its service and products. Customers also appreciate the great range of mat board colors we offer and the World Marathon Majors collection.

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Pink mat board for breast cancer foundation


Ever since I created my on-line boutique, I had in mind to partner with a cause, but I did not know which one. During past events, I have been fortunate to meet lots of people and to discuss with some whose life stories are extraordinary. Several have overcome tremendous health challenges in order to complete their first run.

My friend Julie and I train with the same group of runners and she has been fighting a disease for several years. Inspired by her story, I decided to partner with the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation. So for every picture frame sold with a pink mat board, I will give back $10 to the cause. I will also collect money at all events where my products will be exhibited. A box will be placed on the table to receive your donations.

To make a donation on line, please visit my fundraising page.

Thank you for your generosity!